Welcome To The Exciting World Of Hypnosis!

Join Master Hypnotist Robinn Lange as he leads you through an on-stage journey showcasing the incredible power of the human mind. Starring volunteers from your audience, you'll become witness to their captivating transformation into a highly suggestible state of mind and body. They will instantly become the "stars of the show" with their desire to demonstrate their abilities through the power of Hypnosis. Since the on-stage participants each respond differently and individually, each performance is fresh and spontaneous, as no two performances are ever the same.

Robinn's unique blend of hypnotic intelligence and live comedy performing creates a unique and amazing show that offers hilarious laughter and great insight into the power of the mind and the world of Hypnosis. His knowledge, abilities and application of Hypnosis, combined with his love for performing, has made The Robinn Lange Stage Hypnosis Show one of the most successful and memorable stage hypnosis performances available today.

The Robinn Lange Stage Hypnosis Show truly combines all of the key elements of a successful live performance - Audience Participation, Comedy and Laughter, Spontaneous Surprises, Mass-Appeal To All Ages, and A Non-Offensive Adaptable Format, While Being A True Crowd Pleaser.

Your audience will be laughing continuously while being truly amazed throughout the entire show!

The Robinn Lange Stage Hypnosis Show regularly appears at Corporate Events, Cruise Ships, Casinos, Fairs & Festivals, Theaters, Night Clubs & Comedy Clubs, High Schools, Colleges, Resorts & Hotels, Radio & Television, Fund Raisers, and many other types of venues and events nationwide.

The ever-growing popularity of Hypnosis makes The Robinn Lange Stage Hypnosis Show one of the most unique entertainment spectaculars available today.

Experience the fun & excitement of The Robinn Lange Stage Hypnosis Show at your next event!