MINDPOWER Memory is an intriguing showcase of amazing Memory demonstrations and techniques to allow your audience to improve their Memory. Remember, retain and recall information with great detail in just minutes with very minimal effort.

Robinn Lange presents fantastic Memory feats of the seemingly impossible. After witnessing these feats Robinn then shares his secrets with everyone in attendance with great insight and details. Audiences are amazed that they can apply Robinn's methods and witness results in just a matter of minutes from learning them. MINDPOWER Memory offers your guests a variety of benefits and useful applications that can be utilized both personally and professionally.

MINDPOWER Memory is available in three exciting formats including Robinn's exciting audience participation performance, interactive presentations or hands-on workshops.

One of the greatest appeals of MINDPOWER Memory is it's universal mass-appeal and how it can enjoy success on all levels, to audiences young and old alike.

Robinn Lange's MINDPOWER Memory is ideal for Schools, Colleges, Corporate Events, Trade Shows & Conventions, Senior Events, Fairs & Festivals, Cruises, Banquets and many other types of events and special occasions.

It's Fun! It's Innovative! It's Truly Amazing!
"Edutainment" at it's best!

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