Witness This Amazing Showcase
Of The Power Of The Mind!

MINDPOWER is an exciting audience participation show that will have your audience spellbound. Robinn Lange is recognized as one of the world's most skilled Mentalists. As a master of the powers of intuition, Robinn utilizes his specialized knowledge of psychology, hypnosis, subconscious influence, nonverbal communications, mental imaging, and extensive knowledge of human behavior to perform a showcase of the seemingly impossible.

Experience amazing demonstrations of rapid mathematics, advanced memory techniques, extra sensory perception, mental telepathy, thought projection, psychometry, psychokinesis, and mind reading. Your audience will be captivated as they witness extraordinary mental feats as Robinn:

Reads Thoughts
Unspoken Thoughts Are Revealed
Makes Predictions That Are Then Verified
Reveals Personal Information Of Audience
Demonstrates The Human Lie Detector Test
Teaches Your Audience Mental Imaging & Memory Improvement