"You Can Predict Your Future"

A motivational and transformational presentation designed to provide your audience with the knowledge and mindpower to effectively create and achieve the impossible... the ability to predict their future!

Robinn Lange is recognized as one of America's foremost Mentalists and Master Hypnotists. As a worldclass entertainer Robinn Lange has performed to sold-out audiences for over twenty-five years, demonstrating and showcasing the amazing abilities of the human mind.

MINDPOWER is an acronym, and is the basis for an excellent presentation that combines comedy, entertainment, and mental demonstrations of what is possible and obtainable within the power of our minds.

Robinn Lange will show your audience that the best way to predict your future is to create your future!

Create A Self-Profile
Discover The Power Of Our Minds
Make The Right Choices
Establish Self-Esteem For Success
Identify Personal Goals & Desires
Live Your Dreams
Create Real World Goal Setting
Take Your Mind & Actions From The Ordinary To The Extraordinary
Understand The Key To Self-Success - "What You Think About, You Will Bring About"
Learn The Secrets To The World's Most Successful Minds
Learn A Mental Feat That Most Of The Audience Believed Was Impossible Or Unobtainable Just 10 Minutes Before

Robinn Lange's MINDPOWER "You Can Predict Your Future" Program can be hosted as an independent presentation, or can be hosted in conjunction with either his Robinn Lange Stage Hypnosis Show, or The MINDPOWER Mentalist Show.


MINDPOWER is an interactive presentation that is both educational and entertaining, showcasing the natural abilities of the human mind. MINDPOWER will lead your students on a journey to the limits of their minds as each and every student will be challenged to look within themselves with the tools necessary to bring success into their lives. Students will be empowered to create a self-profile, to develop and maintain a positive attitude, to make the right choices, and to take their mind and actions from the ordinary to the extraordinary. The performances can be adapted to themes such as drug awareness, or events such as Red Ribbon Week, Assemblies, Spirit Week, Senior Events, Orientations, Banquets/Dinners, Sports Boosters, Fund Raisers, and many other types of events.

Also Now Available: Inquire about Robinn's NEW- "MINDPOWER Choose To Be Tobacco-Free" Anti-Smoking & Tobacco Assembly Program