Robinn Lange

Robinn Lange's performing career spans over 25 years, entertaining over 20 million people worldwide and enjoying great success as a touring headliner and as a featured performer at resorts, hotels, nightclubs, colleges & high schools, casinos, fairs & festivals, conventions, and corporate events, as well as television and radio.

Robinn Lange's unique blend of hypnotic intelligence, mental abilities, and live comedy performing creates these unique and amazing shows that offer hilarious laughter and great insight into the power of the mind, the world of Hypnosis, and self-ability. His extensive knowledge of subconscious influence, nonverbal communicating, mental imaging, psychology, and intuition are showcased in each of his shows. Throughout his career as an entertainer, Robinn has worked with a virtual who's who in the world of entertainment including Tom Jones, Kenny Rogers, Willie Nelson, Loretta Lynn, The Monkees, The Beach Boys, Eddie Rabbit, Louise Mandrel, Pia Zadora and many others. Robinn has also made guest appearances on ABC-TV's "All My Children" and "The Oprah Winfrey Show," as well as being a frequent guest on many various television and radio shows throughout the country.

Robinn Lange is certified as a Master Hypnotist by the International Hypnosis Federation, The Creative Learning Institute, and by The Hypnotism Institute of Chicago. His knowledge, abilities and appreciation of Hypnosis and the human mind, combined with his love for performing has made both of his shows two of the most successful and memorable performances available today.

Robinn Lange has authored several books including his popular "Guide To Self-Improvement" and "Hypnosis Exposed! The Truths, Misconceptions & Facts About Hypnosis." Also, believing Mindpower offers everyone the ability to create change and make personal improvement in their lives, Robinn has recently produced a series of professional self-improvement CDs/tapes covering such popular topics as Stop Smoking, Self-Hypnosis, Improved Athletics, Improved Academics, Weight Loss, Mindpower Motivation, and Stress Reduction, Relaxation & Better Sleep.

Robinn Lange promises to continue to keep doing the thing he loves most - performing. His live performances are continually a work in progress with new concepts and routines being added to the shows, while continuing to preserve many of the trademark features that audiences keep coming back for, time and time again, as each show offers it's own spontaneous, fascinating and amazing results.

Robinn Lange has mastered the true meaning of live entertainment. Comedy, laughter, audience participation, spontaneous reactions, surprises, excitement, intrigue and mystique are all of the essential elements of excellent live performances - The Robinn Lange Stage Hypnosis Show and the Robinn Lange Mindpower Mentalist Show!