Learn Hypnosis

Due to many repeated requests and inquiries as to whether Robinn Lange offers any teaching, training, or coaching in the art of Hypnosis, Robinn has recently decided to host a training/coaching event for those desiring to learn more about Hypnosis.

Robinn regularly hosts his single day (or evening) seminars which are designed to introduce the audience to Hypnosis, it's many uses and applications, and to assist audience members with personal self-improvements. Stop smoking, weight loss, increased confidence and motivation, improved performance, and complete self-hypnosis are included as part of these events. These events are open to the public and are an excellent starting point for self-empowerment and improvement through Hypnosis.

Robinn also hosts a multi-day event twice per year for a limited number of students interested in Stage Hypnosis. This is a hands-on approach to learning the art of Hypnosis from the basics, all the way through creating a live performance. Every step is covered in a small class seminar setting. The event includes a variety of materials (books, manuals, tapes, etc.) and resources to allow you to start immediately. Earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars per show! This is a unique opportunity to learn directly from an experienced, performing professional. Advance registration and acceptance is required. Class size is limited. Contact us for upcoming dates, prices and availability.

Be sure to visit the Products Merchandise page on this web site to see the variety of books Robin has authored, plus his complete line of professional audio programs (CDs or tapes) created exclusively for personal use to create change and empowerment.

Robinn Lange also offers "The Entertainment Career & Business Opportunities Directory" which offers a variety of career and moneymaking opportunities in the entertainment industry. Over 35 types of career and opportunities are available complete with business outlines, overviews, and startup costs and necessities. This is the only publication of it's kind, written exclusively by Robinn Lange based on his over thirty year career in the entertainment business.